The 1964 Card

A new card for any PC collection is an exciting moment for a hobbyist, especially when it is a Roberto Clemente 1964 !

While this card is ungraded and I can’t begin to estimate (intelligently) the condition, I will place it around a “4”, but it is an amazing contribution to my growing collection that includes 1957, 1959 and 90 more unique cards.

This is a card that refers to Clemente as “Bob” that has generated a fair amount of controversy among historians and collectors – we assume that is a space consideration by Topps who used that nickname throughout the 1960’s. Any reader views on this ?

It’s also cool to see the back of the card mention the Montreal Royals who Clemente played for in 1954 and played against the local Ottawa Athletics at Lansdowne Park ! We have blogged about that gem of history before.

We can call the 1964 Clemente season “typical”. He led MLB in hits and batting average, elected to the All Star team and won a gold glove.





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