Month: January 2017

1955 has arrived

fullsizeoutput_4887It is well documented within the baseball card community that an essential piece of any Roberto Clemente collection is the 1955 rookie Topps card. Last year, I made a commitment to enhancing my Clemente collection and I am now a proud owner of a ’55 Topps as a graded PSA and encased for preservation. In addition, I have started a set registry collection of my Clemente PSA graded cards – so far, I have 21% collected of the basic Topps collection with a weight of 4.7 (meaning the average grade of the 4 cards I have so far – ’55, ’57 (6), ’58 (6) and ’61 (7)).

The ’55 card is a “2 – Good” grade and a key addition to the growing collection – owning it provides an emotional sense that my overall collection is more legitimate and of course, has much more value. There’s also the knowledge this card was first manufactured a year after Clemente played in Montreal (as referenced on the back of the card) as a minor leaguer in the Dodger system before joining the Pirates thanks to the innovation of Branch Rickey. Why is that important ? Clemente visited Ottawa and played our Athletics in ’54 !

More posts on my Clemente collection coming soon….