1955 has arrived

fullsizeoutput_4887It is well documented within the baseball card community that an essential piece of any Roberto Clemente collection is the 1955 rookie Topps card. Last year, I made a commitment to enhancing my Clemente collection and I am now a proud owner of a ’55 Topps as a graded PSA and encased for preservation. In addition, I have started a set registry collection of my Clemente PSA graded cards – so far, I have 21% collected of the basic Topps collection with a weight of 4.7 (meaning the average grade of the 4 cards I have so far – ’55, ’57 (6), ’58 (6) and ’61 (7)).

The ’55 card is a “2 – Good” grade and a key addition to the growing collection – owning it provides an emotional sense that my overall collection is more legitimate and of course, has much more value. There’s also the knowledge this card was first manufactured a year after Clemente played in Montreal (as referenced on the back of the card) as a minor leaguer in the Dodger system before joining the Pirates thanks to the innovation of Branch Rickey. Why is that important ? Clemente visited Ottawa and played our Athletics in ’54 !

More posts on my Clemente collection coming soon….



Getting back into the Groove

It has been a long time since I have posted – my apologies. The summer of 2016 was a fantastic one for our Ottawa Champions as we continued our momentum to establishing a more permanent standing for professional baseball in our community and won the Championship in the process !

Hoisting the CanAm Championship Cup for our fans at City Hall with Mayor Watson (September 19th 2016) 

The winter has arrived as snow falls outside my window and it’s time to get back into celebrating the life and career of Roberto Clemente, my hero.

I hope you will join me this winter for the journey.


Mr. Clemente Comes To Ottawa

On Saturday May 28th, I did an interview with Dante Decaria, a broadcaster with the Ottawa Champions Baseball Club, on CKDJ 107.9. We touched on many great topics including my passion for the game of baseball, collecting baseball cards – a hobby I have enjoyed for 35 years now and of course, the legacy of Roberto Clemente.

As written about previously on this blog, I revealed that after spending time this winter researching about the career and legend of Clemente, I discovered that yes, Roberto Clemente has been to Ottawa, Ontario and played professional baseball as a member of the Montreal Royals Triple A team, affiliated with the Brooklyn Dodgers. It has been well documented by baseball and American historians that the 19 yr old Clemente was “hidden” by the Dodgers to avoid clubs finding his talent. They clearly had underestimated Branch Rickey, arguably the greatest innovator in baseball history who paved the way for Jackie Robinson’s iconic baseball career, signed Clemente out of Brooklyn to play for the Pirates and the rest is history.

We have documented evidence that in 1954, the Montreal Royals travelled  to Ottawa to play the Athletics at Lansdowne Park 4 times (May 11-13, June 15/16,July 2/3 and 13-15th) and in those games, Clemente played 5 games. This link shows the Sporting News edition of July 14, 1954 with the boxscore of one of these games, Saturday July 3rd…ClementeInOttawa

We will have more to say on this as we are continuing our research to uncover more information on this exciting development of our city and baseball history – but for now, consider this….Clemente is only the second Hall of Famer to play in a professional baseball game in Canada’s Capital. The other is Frank Thomas during the Ottawa Lynx era while on rehab with the Charlotte Knights.





Did Clemente visit Ottawa ?

It’s always fun to establish historical linkages where they may not yet exist. Given our location in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and our passion for the Clemente legacy, we are asking if Roberto Clemente visited Ottawa, Ontario to play a game or games against the Ottawa Athletics in the 1954 season ?

We are looking into this exciting possibility.

Clemente played for the Montreal Royals in the International League under the Brooklyn Dodgers farm system. At that time, the Dodgers were well aware of the immense talent they had, so they attempted to hide Clemente who eventually was scouted and signed by Branch Rickey to play for the Pirates.

Ottawa also had a team in the International League who played at Lansdowne Park and we are sourcing archives and history to determine if Clemente did indeed visit Canada’s Capital.

Canada celebrates its’ 150th Birthday next years in 2017 and the Ottawa Champions Baseball Club are hosting the CanAm / American Association All-Star Game to recognize the history of baseball in Ottawa and across Canada. What an amazing addition to the program it would be to include recognition of Clemente in Ottawa ! 

Clemente was only 19 in 1954 and played in 87 games and only had 148 AB’s for the Dodgers, so there is a possibility he did not visit or play.


1954 Montreal Royals Team Picture (Clemente is first row, first from left) Source

We welcome any insights or thoughts !



Welcome To Clemente Card Project !

Thank you for visiting the Roberto Clemente Card Project website ! This is a tribute to a legend –  a man, husband, father, baseball player and philanthropist who left an indelible mark on not only baseball history, but defined passion for an entire generation.

The Angel and his Wings
The Angel and his Wings

This website celebrates Clemente’s larger than life persona with content on my own baseball card and memorabilia collection that I am in the process of building. In addition, I will post on “Arriba” as more content emerges. Even after his tragic death, 43 years ago, Clemente remains a contemporary focus for his contributions and personality.

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